“Scars to Prove It” Table of Contents

A few folks have asked me to post the Table of Contents to Scars to Prove It: The Civil War Soldier and American Fiction.  Here are the contents, with the chapter titles conveying something about what can be found in each section.  I have also listed the relevant page numbers, to give one a sense of how the book is divided:

Introduction [1]

1. Various Veterans Had Told Him Tales:
The Red Badge of Courage and an Inclusive Civil War Literature [9]

2. For Was I Not a Soldier, Enlisted for the War?:
Female Veterans in Gone with the Wind and None Shall Look Back [39]

3. The Eggshell Shibboleth of Caste and Color Too:
Civilian Narrators in Absalom, Absalom! and The Unvanquished [83]

4. Each Man Has His Own Reason to Die:
The Triumph of the Individual in The Killer Angels [118]

Conclusion: Grief Crowded the Secret Rooms of Their Hearts:
Haunted Veterans in The Judas Field [160]

Notes [170]

Bibliography [200]

Index [215]

4 Responses to ““Scars to Prove It” Table of Contents”

  1. Melissa Says:

    I’ve asked Alderman to order it, in case they haven’t already. Looking forward to putting a Warren footnote in at least one of my diss chapters!

  2. Camille Cooper Says:

    It’s wonderful when the web answers my exact question! Thanks so much for posting the TOC; I’ll order it for our library.

  3. Camille Cooper Says:

    I’ll order the book, that is. ;-)

  4. craig warren Says:

    Thanks, Melissa and Camille, for ordering books for your libraries!

    Camille: I’m glad the TOC was helpful. I think it offers a pretty clear picture of what readers will find in each chapter.

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